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MINCED Fresh chilli 77 MINCED Fresh chilli 77 MINCED Fresh chilli 77

MINCED FRESH CHILLI 77 Product code: E050 EAN: 8057741333005

€ 5,80
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The CHILI CONCENTRATED 77, has a spiciness that is positioned in the higher end of the Scoville Scale (SHU). It is characterized by a multitude of fruity and fresh vegetable scents.
The taste has an apparently harmless start for the first 5-7 seconds, then releases all its extraordinary power that allows you to perceptibly enhance any dish.
PEPERITA has studied this recipe for those who are not satisfied with Extreme Spicy, but also want to enjoy all the characteristics of the aromas of fresh chilli.
In Tuscany, PEPERITA cultivates the peppers contained in the 101 in an organic / biodynamic regime. As soon as they are picked they are processed with great skill to preserve all the nutritional properties and keep all the aromas intact.
Thanks to its practical packaging it allows an ideal dosage according to personal taste.
Never miss it on your table!

The CHILI CONCENTRATED 77 is the mix of super hot peppers ideal for burning most of your dishes: from soups to pasta, from cheeses to meats and grilled fish. Dosed to taste in sauces or mayonnaise and in the checkup, they make it the ideal base for inventing new canapés and sandwiches.

Freshly chopped hot peppers.
It does not contain aromas.
Organic / biodynamic capsicum chinense peppers, sea salt, organic apple vinegar.
Once opened, it can be kept in the fridge.
Glass bottle with food grade plastic screw cap.
Net weight:
70 gr

175 gr.
€ 5,80