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published on 20/03/2023 Here another party is coming! Unlike Christmas period, people don’t start eating typical sweets a month before (fortunately), but it’s always good to choose the right ones and puntting attention on ingredients lists of products we buy!

“It’s better the darker one with chili pepper, because it’s made with LOT of spciy cocoa and LITTLE sugar!”
Do you really prefer dark chocolate egg?

Everyone says it, but when we are in front of egg shelf, we re more tempted to buy the white one or we stop just at the word “dark” (bacause if you read carefully behind the package, you’ll find 40%-50% of cocoa against, while the real dark contains 80%-90%).
This happens because unfortunately we are influenced by our brain, but above all by the extreme quantity of sugar we take daily.

Do you know how many other typical Easter sweets we have in Tuscany? Here, I want to list a few and suggest you to choose the more attractive for you, savor it bite after bite using all of yours papillas. TASTE the flavour and try to guess some ingredients and some aroma by smelling, with closed eyes.

This means eating, non just swallowing, evething we find in front of us!
  • THE LIVORNESE EASTER SCHIACCIATA, well known as “sticciata”. Its name originates from the fact that many eggs are “crushed” to made it. The traditional recipe includes as ingredients flour , sugar, eggs, orange juice and peel, lemon, anise seeds and yeast.In order to make the sweets more digestible, a pinch of JalapLemon spice woulnd’t hurt.
  • IL CEREMITO E LA SPORTELLA: typical sweets from Elba Island, evalueted as symbols of love because they were exchanged by local youg people to declare their feelings.In both of them, they use flour and eggs. Also olive oil, yeats, sugar or honey, walnust, anise seeds, salt, pepper and orange pell ar added to the Ceremito. You can replace orange peel and sugar (or honey) with our orange and chili pepper jam. While milk, butter, sugar, anise seeds, yeats and lemon zest are added to the Sportella.

These are just some of typical sweets of our land. Try to taste sweets of our grandmother and let me know!

By Erika Mollo