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published on 20/03/2023 Having a wide range of chili peppers in the kitchen support us in matching the right spiceness to each recipe, but did you know that chili peppers have also healthy properties?
In chili pepper there is a mix of antioxidant: vitamin C, carotenoids, polyphenols.
The most important is capsaicin alkaloid that, in addition to give spiciness, has also natural antibacterial properties well known for a few thousand years.
Chili pepper helps to keep cholesterol and blood pressure levels low. It becomes essential during a slimming diet because of its potential positive effect on metabolism. We could therefore speak about an elisir of youth for our cells and of a valid and tenacious against infiammations. A real superfood!
So, eating chili pepper is good for you, as also claimed by Umberto Veronesi Foundation.