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published on 20/03/2023 Did you know that eating spicy food keeps the level of your insulin and glucose low; it helps us to stay in shape! This has been confirmed by a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (KD Ahuja et al, AmJClinNutr 2006 Jul, 84(1):63-69).This study shows that hot chillies can lower postprandial insulin, contributing to the oxidation of fats and increasing energy consumption. What happens if you have high insulin?IInsulin is the hormone that "captures" all fats, when it is produced it causes blood sugar levels to drop and if this happens too often during the day, it makes you feel hungry all the time and the probability is that our body will become resistant to the production of insulin (diabetic syndrome, insulin resistance) The consequence is an increase in fat and therefore an increase in obesity with all the problems associated with it. All types of Chillies must be respected, in the past they were called "the drug of the poor", and today we could rename it as “the slim drug”.