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published on 05/05/2023 One way to lower blood pressure while sitting at the table.
Certain good habits at the table can significantly affect the health of our heart and cardiovascular system.
From a joint study carried out by three universities (China, USA and Germany) on the metabolism of human cells it was possible to demonstrate that the activation of specific sensory nerve channels by capsaicin promotes the release of neuropeptides, small protein molecules which, released by nerve cells in response to a stimulus, mediate or modulate neuronal communication. They lead to the perception of pain, as if the affected area were burning.
Scientists have therefore demonstrated that capsaicin mediates a beneficial effect in the cardiovascular system, promoting the release of nitric oxide and consequently lowering blood pressure.


The action of nitric oxide is also to control other functions in numerous other organs (lungs, brain, kidneys, stomach, muscles) as well as the release of hormones such as adrenaline, which notoriously, when released in certain critical situations of stress, danger, or fatigue, it improves the body's reactivity giving a pleasant feeling of well-being.
This is why chilli pepper at the table must never be missing!
Once the first impact of "great heat" has been overcome, the food acquires greater taste and health benefits.
Happy chili pepper everybody.

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