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Aji Organic Chilli Powder - N.1 Aji Organic Chilli Powder - N.1 Aji Organic Chilli Powder - N.1


12 g
€ 4,95
Expected delivery July 27th
Pair with:
  • Desserts
  • Cheese
  • Ice cream
    Ice cream
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
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Product type:
Chilli Powder obtained solely from the Aji variety of the Capsicum baccatum cultivated in organic regime and dried at low temperatures.

Aji chili peppers.


Store in a cool place, away from any heat sources. Doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge once opened.

Transparent glass vial with silicon cap.
12 g

This chili pepper is lightly spicy, thus it can be used in many ways, even as a substitute for salt. It pairs well with white meats, fish, quiches, vegetables (raw or cooked), fruit, legume soups and pasta. In Peru it's used in fish gazpacho.

the fruit of the Aji chili pepper smells like ginger and spring flowers. The aroma is moderately vegetal with reminiscent of hay, artichoke and citrus.
Ajì Amarillo, in Spanish “yellow chili pepper”, smells like tropical fruits with floral and ginger hints. The ancient Inca population used it in the past, and nowadays it has become Peru’s signature chili pepper, making it into many of this region’s main dishes.
The Aji is a very soft chili pepper, known as “Peruvian yellow chili pepper” because it grows spontaneous on Peruvian mountains. It can also be found in Bolivia and Equador. The Aji is very deeply rooted in the hearts of Peruvian people, as it is part of their Inca cultural heritage.
The shape of the berry can measure up to 15cm long. In its first stages, the colour of this chili pepper is green, and when ripe it becomes light yellow with hints of gold.

Perfect to add some colour or flavour to most dishes, the spiciness is around 500 SHU.

Particular low temperature techniques of humidity extraction have been employed for the production of this powder, making it possible to keep unaltered the original scent of the chilli pepper.
Among many of the healthy micro elements of the Aji we can find: Vitamin A, which improves the condition of eyes, hair and skin; and Vitamin C, which not only stops the spread of free radicals, but is also useful and crucial in raising the barriers of our immune systems, thus lowering the risks of tumours by inhibiting the synthesis of carcinogenic substances. In addition, it’s scientifically proven that consuming chilli peppers at least 4 times a week halves the risk of cardiac arrest.

Check the RECIPES section for some ideas on how to use this chili pepper!

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€ 4,95