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Portable Chilli Kit with Refiller Portable Chilli Kit with Refiller Portable Chilli Kit with Refiller Portable Chilli Kit with Refiller Portable Chilli Kit with Refiller


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Pair with:
  • Meats
  • Desserts
  • Cheese
  • Fish
  • Pizza
  • Vegetables
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Kit containing:
  • Red pocket-sized case with an overview of 10 different chili powders in 1,5g each glass vials.
  • A white polytene fennel for the refill of the 1.5g vials.
  • 10 glass transparent vials with silicon cup containing 12g each of chili pepper listed below :
    • Banana Pepper Powder N.2
    • Erotic Powder No.3
    • Jalapeño Powder N.5
    • Scotch Bonnet Powder N.6
    • Habanero Red Savina Powder N.7
    • Habanero Fatali Powder N.8
    • Habanero Chocolate Powder N.9
    • Bhut Jolokia Powder No. 10
    • Naga Morich Powder N.11
    • Carolina Reaper Powder N.17

from 1/10 to 10/10


It owes its name to the shape of the berry, elongated and curved, 14/16 cm long, and its banana straw yellow color which can turn towards an intense yellow with maturation. Its sweet and delicate spiciness leads to an adventure of fragrant aromas and particular flavors that you will not easily forget! With a herbaceous, vegetable flavor, like grilled yellow pepper, it has a sweet fruitiness reminiscent of ripe bananas. For fried vegetables, sautéed clams, fresh tropical fruit and club sandwiches.

The ripe fruit is of an intense golden yellow, tending to turmeric orange.
The berry curls at the opposite end to the petiole forming an appendix similar to the male genital organ. On the palate it is creamy with citrus notes of cedar and candied bitter orange. The vegetable flavor is reminiscent of jackdaw and pea and is accompanied by hints of bitter orange.
Excellent to accompany boiled fish or steamed vegetables. Enhances without covering the delicacy of a meat or fish carpaccio. Try it with pie or fried artichokes, suckling pig and strawberry sorbet.

Often harvested and consumed green, if brought to full maturity it turns to crimson red.
Berry with an oval shape and 5/9 cm long. Aroma of fresh grass and leaves, artichoke and grilled green pepper. Herbaceous taste reminiscent of tomato leaves. Fleshy and fragrant chilli. If green, it has an intense and spicy aroma that is stronger and more decisive. When it is red it becomes fruity, sweet and rounded. Very good with Tuscan vegetable soups, croutons with baby octopus and capers, cod and chickpea soup or sautéed pigeon.
Among the most widespread and well-known peppers in the world, in Mexico it is used fresh and green but, for the powder it is used red because, in this form, it acquires an intense sweet pepper flavor. The Jalapeno pepper comes from the city of Xalapa (region / state of Veracruz) from where it derives its name (although the real Mexican name is Cuaresmenos) and where it is intensively cultivated and appreciated.

The berry is rounded and is about 4/5 cm large both in height and in length.
Its color varies from green to pumpkin orange tones to crimson red.
Its name is due to the shape of the berry which recalls the traditional Scottish hat "Tam o 'Shanter". It has a pungent and very herbaceous taste that recalls cooked pepper and white fruit in syrup.
With its intense aroma and strong spicy notes, the Scotch Bonnet pepper definitely looks more like a spice than a chili. Suitable with ravioli, the classic parmigiana, Chianina meat dishes, fish soups and savory pies with vegetables. Interesting when accompanied by truffle dishes and medium-aged cheeses, delicious with chocolate pralines.
Whether they are vegetables, soups or spaghetti, with this pepper all tastes are enhanced.
Markedly different in the classic "garlic, oil and chilli". The most passionate who love spicy and can exceed the quantity to put on the plate will be lucky enough to enjoy the flavor and aroma.

The Habanero Red Savina is native to Mexico and the Caribbean, with the lantern-shaped berry and the elongated, conical and recessed tip. It is about 2/8 cm high, for a thickness of 2/4 cm. The fruit is unripe and green, it will turn to white, yellow and then orange to finish with the characteristic red that indicates its full ripeness. The spicy Habanero Red Savina pepper, in addition to being among the best known in the world, has a very intense and unmistakable fragrance that comes from the fusion of over 180 essential oils it contains.
It has a strong vegetable flavor of fresh green pepper with lactic notes of cheese, artichoke and bitter thistle, very spicy in the finish. Habanero Red Savina can be used in small quantities on chocolate or tomato sauces. It is sprinkled on carpaccio or braised.

Use Habanero Fatali as a spice. Excellent with seafood salads, boiled fish with mayonnaise, spaghetti with pistachio or paccheri with ricotta and pecorino fondue. Try also with vegetable pies, pigeon ragu and with bitter chocolate pralines. Dissolve a small amount of powder in a little extra virgin olive oil and then season the dishes you want. Also spaghetti with garlic, oil and chilli are fantastic with this chilli pepper with an intense aroma, taste and spiciness. Mixed with a jam it is excellent to add to ice creams, in particular on melon or vanilla ice cream.

This chilli is called 'Chocolate' because the color of the berry changes from green to brown when it completes ripening. Lantern-shaped like the Red Savina, about 4-6cm long and 2.5cm to 5cm wide. Late ripening. Herbaceous flavor with aromatic notes of toast, olive paste, mahogany wood. Although it belongs to the Habanero family, it does not have a strong spiciness but the property of enhancing the flavors of the dish it is combined with.
It goes perfectly with many recipes. In particular with tomato and seafood soups, vegetable flan, ribollita, carbonara, Chianina stew in sauce, pan-fried pigeon, grilled, sacher cake and with chocolate in general.

Of Indian origin, in Indi Bhut Jolokia means ghost pepper but it is also known as snake or poisonous pepper. Berry with a conical and rounded shape at the end up to 4cm long by 2cm wide. The color starts from immature green to deep red.
Creamy but vegetal smell, dried tomato, rust, juniper berry, bay leaf with shoe wax base. Strong spiciness with a strong tomato and tree bark flavor. In the end it turns towards bitter chocolate. For three years it was rated the hottest in the world by the Guinness Book of Records. To be paired with Chianina tartare and meat sauce.

Berry with a conical shape and rounded at the end, up to 4cm long by 2cm wide. The mature color is bright crimson red. Originally from Assam and Bangladesh. In Sanskrit its name, 'Naga', means 'cobra', probably because it has the characteristic of letting you feel its refined and sweet flavor before the spiciness is felt.
While fighting for primacy as the hottest chili pepper in the world, it remains the super hot with the most interesting flavor. Herbaceous, sweet and fruity aroma with a scent of lemon peel and tropical wood. The spicy phase occurs with delay accompanied by moderate vegetal notes and sweet hints almost of butter. Perfect for enhancing dishes with complex flavors, such as slow-cooked meats and ragù.

The Carolina Reaper or Carolina Reaper Smokin'Ed with its 1,569,300 ° / 2,200,000 ° SHU Scoville in 2013 was officially proclaimed the hottest pepper in the world, entering the Guiness World Record by right.
The Carolina Reaper chilli is an intense red, with a rounded shape at its lower end extends a tail that resembles that of a scorpion, it takes 90 days to reach full ripeness.
On the palate it is extremely spicy with a fruity taste with notes of chocolate and cinnamon. In the mouth it gradually releases a long-lasting sensation of heat that descends to affect the nose and throat. In the kitchen, if used in moderation and wisely combined, it is a real panacea for health as it is rich in viamina A which helps keep eyes, hair and skin in perfect health. It also has stimulating, antiseptic, disinfectant and digestive properties.

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