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Fresh Chopped Organic Naga Morich Chocolate Fresh Chopped Organic Naga Morich Chocolate Fresh Chopped Organic Naga Morich Chocolate


45 g
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  • Meats
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Freshly chopped Naga Chocolate chilli - Capsicum Chinense. It does not contain aromas.

Naga Chocolate chillies, sea salt, apple vinegar*.
* from organic agriculture


Once opened it can be kept in the fridge.

Glass jar with metal screw cap for food.

Net weight:
45 g

The Naga (Morich) Chocolate, nicknamed the Black Fire, is the result of crosses between varieties of Naga Morich and Bhut Jolokia. It is a pepper of the Capsicum chinense species and is extremely spicy, with an average of 1,300,000 SHU.
The fruits have a thin, pointed skin and when they reach maturity, they acquire a dark brown / amaranth color. The high level of spiciness kicks in almost immediately, causing, like most superpicy, a powerful burst of endorphins.
Naga in Sanskrit translates as "cobra snake", a more than fitting name for this super hot pepper variety.
During the production process, particular techniques of cold humidity extraction have been adopted, allowing to keep the characteristic aromas of chilli pepper as unaltered as possible.

The Naga Morich Chocolate chilli has a pungent and fruity scent reminiscent of quince, but also a sweet base note between balsamic-resinous and vanilla.
Due to these sensory characteristics it goes well with many recipes of a certain aromatic intensity.
Tasted alone it has a strong and bitter scent, but it goes well with meat sauce, braised meats, roasts and even desserts. Especially in chocolate, it unexpectedly enhances its sweetness to later reveal its nature of fiery spiciness.

Among the various health microelements, Habanero Chocolate also contains Vitamin A which helps keep eyes, hair and skin in perfect health and above all contains Vitamin C, which not only stops the spread of free radicals, but is useful and necessary to reinforce the barriers of the immune system, lowering the risk of cancer by inhibiting the synthesis of carcinogenic substances. Furthermore, recent studies scientifically confirm that using chili peppers in our diet at least 4 times a week halves the risk of heart attack.

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€ 7,95