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'Cube' Kit with 16 Organic Chilli Powders in Gift Box 'Cube' Kit with 16 Organic Chilli Powders in Gift Box 'Cube' Kit with 16 Organic Chilli Powders in Gift Box


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  • Ice cream
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Complete kit 16 dust of the most delicate and aromatic raw dishes, fruit and carpaccio. The average for spicy soups, sauces and gravies. Finally, the super spicy for those who love extreme flavors.
  1. Aji
  2. Banana Pepper
  3. Erotico
  4. Caienna
  5. Jalapeño
  6. Scotch Bonnet
  7. Habanero Red Savina
  8. Habanero Fatali
  9. Habanero Chocolate
  10. Bhut Jolokia
  11. Naga Morich
  12. Naga Yellow
  13. Naga Chocolate
  14. Seven Pod
  15. Trinidad Scorpion
  16. Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Yellow
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once opened, keep away from sources of light and heat, do not store it in the fridge.

glass vial with silicone plug.
The chili powder will be shipped in a box containing a brochures with the description of each chili and its combinations more appropriate.

Weight of each vial

Ajì, Banana Pepper, Erotico, Caienna, Jalapeno, Scotch Bonnet.
The frist kit delicate chili each has its own flavor without the spiciness aggresive, delicate and aromatic, ductile in the kitchen.

The Aji can be used together with the fruit, the Banana Pepper instead of pepper, the Erotic added to a fish carpaccio gives a perfume and a tingling fantastic, Cayenne or Jalapeno added yto a soup with tomato eliminates the need salt, Scotch Bonnet with its spicy aroma added to spaghetti with clams or a slice of grilled meat enhances the flavor danso a pleasant feeling.

Habanero, Habanero Fatali, Habanero Cocolate.
The Red Savina Habanero number 7 was the hottest in the world until a few years ago, its spiciness is still high and has the property of being very flexible, goes very well with any dish.

The Habanero Fatali has the caracteristic of having decided an aroma of vanilla, this goes well with potatoes, soups, creams, but it is good to try a little before venturing using.
The Habanero Chocolate has a spiciness too, its aroma is a perfect match to the bitter chocolate or meat, is not suitable for fish in white.

Bhut Jolokia, Naga Morich, Naga Yellow.
The Bhut Jolokia for those who love super hot but the difficulty is its use in the kitchen: suitable for braised or recipes that require long cooking and fat, try also with spicy recipes typical Indian.

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